Watch & Learn, Boys!

The Substitutes

Never Underestimate a Leprechaun Scorned

Tim Tebow: Love Him or Hate Him?

Mama Ain’t Rolling with the Tide

Tim vs. Tom: A Mile-High Holiday Treat

THE Ohio State University has THE Urban Meyer… WE GET IT.

Poultry, Pigskin, and Good Ol’ Sibling Rivalry… Yes, Please!

Tebow: The Newest Hunk/Hero (and those that came before him)!

Joe Pa’s Faux Pas

And you thought YOUR relationship was complicated…

The Kickoff


2 thoughts on “rants

  1. Tim Tebow Bumps Cam Newton Off Cover Of NFL Magazine Predominantly Orange A Denver Broncos Fan S __________________ Good gawd. We’ve sunken to Valium Meyer/Daztard level again.

  2. The SEC is the most legit team this year. The other conferences are so shaky, the SEC west has the most sound teams this year. Look at LSU, Bama, and Arkansas, their only coetpmition is each other. All the Big 12 and Pac 12 teams are falling apart these last couple weeks. I think the ACC is overrated this year, the best teams have lost to other ACC teams that aren’t very good, and the other conferences are kind of irrelevant. This year should be called the SEC show with the upsets. It’s just unbelievable how you can have this many one loss team’s up for the question of whose going to play in the National Championship and then all these upsets in one week end. But through and through the SEC proves dominant once again.References :


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