Tim Tebow: Love Him or Hate Him?

It’s kind of hard to escape the Tebow-mania these days. I’m okay with it because I like the guy. However those who don’t, have basically been left with nowhere to hide from the Tebow tidal wave.

It’s pretty easy to see why people like him. Not only is he an underdog who continues to prove his critics wrong, but he’s a class act.   After each “miraculous” victory the Broncos have pulled off this season, Tebow is quick to pass the accolades he receives on to his teammates, as he should. ONE man surely cannot win a football game by himself. That being said, one man can make a football team believe in itself. Tim Tebow has a knack for that. Not only have his teammates bought in, so has his city, organization (Buh-bye, Orton!), football fans across the country, and even people who aren’t typically football fans at all.

So yes, we all understand why he’s well-liked. The thing I struggle with, however, is why so many people hate him. Just last night I walked up to a conversation in which the first comment heard was, “I hope Tim Tebow dies in his sleep.”

My ticket to enter the conversation. Really?

Through the ensuing dialogue, I learned some of their (yes, multiple people) reasons for the hatred for the Broncos quarterback were as follows:

“He’s too much of a Jesus Freak.”

“He’s a virgin”

“He talked a bunch of crap about Ohio State when they played in the National Championship.”

Another statement was that Tebow acts like God loves him more and that’s why he wins, like he’s just praying to win the game. That’s funny, I didn’t know there was an app that deciphers Tim Tebow’s prayers! (Darn that, Apple. They think of EVERYTHING!)

When it comes to the status of Tebow’s V-Card, I don’t know or care to know. However, I have to wonder if he has chosen abstinence, is that reason to hate him? Would people prefer him to be like Kobe, Tiger, Magic, Michael, and the rest of the professional athletes that sleep with countless numbers of women, despite the fact that in most cases they are married?

How about the argument that Tebow is shoving his religion down everyone’s throats because he’s constantly praying, aka “Tebowing.”

I totally get this one. I feel the same way about dancing. Dancing, as in victory dances in the end zone. Those jerks need to stop shoving their dancing down my throat!! Especially those Atlanta Falcons, they’ve been doing The Dirty Bird for well over a decade and every time I see it I feel a tremendous amount of pressure to get up and do it myself. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

End sarcasm. Point taken?

Speaking of Falcons, their ex comes to mind… Michael Vick. We all know what he did. He’s disgusting. Yet, through his whole dog-fighting controversy, prison stay, and return to the league, everyone seems to be tolerating him quite nicely. It’s one of those “his transgressions off-the-field aside” deals. We can put something like that aside but not what Tebow does? Instead, he’s hated for it. Which leads me to ask, why are we more tolerant of a man like Michael Vick, who has illustrated quite vividly his lack of care or compassion for living things? Yet some people are outraged at the sight of Tim Tebow praying? I’m sorry, I didn’t know praying ever hurt anyone or anything!

As far as his religion goes, he’s entitled to his own beliefs. Typically Tebow is seen pointing toward Heaven after finishing a prayer or celebrating a big play or win, not to the camera/viewers. He’s not telling anyone else they have to pray with him or believe what he believes. Although you have to admit, it sure seems to be working! 🙂

Here’s the thing, whether or not you’re a Christian, can you not respect a disciplined man who believes strongly in something and lives his life according to that belief?

Now, I’m not even going to get into it with all of those who still claim Tebow “sucks” as a player. He wins. Football is a team sport and last time I checked, success in competitive sports was determined by wins and losses, not stats, throwing motion, or style. Capiche?

So now I’m curious. How do you feel about Tim Tebow? We’re talking as a person. Steelers fans, I know he’s probably not your favorite player at the moment, but that’s a different discussion for a different day (orrrr never 😉 ).

Do you love Tim Tebow? Do you hate him? Why?

One thing’s for sure, it seems that just about everyone has an opinion of him. Another fact? More people were interested in watching Tebow & the Broncos take on Big Ben & the Steelers in the opening round of playoffs (nearly 42 million) than watching the BCS National Championship game this year (24.2 million). 


6 thoughts on “Tim Tebow: Love Him or Hate Him?

  1. I’m torn. On one hand, as a guy who writes a sports blog, Tebow is a never-ending stream of material as he is such a polarizing figure and for lack of a better term, a football version of a circus freak. in nearly 40 years of being a sports fan I’ve never seen anything like Tebowmania.

    But on the other hand, I’m ready for it to be over. My latest post suggests this whole phenomenon has officially crossed the International Absurd Line.


  2. JW-

    Wow! I know one thing… I was definitely ready for that song to be over! I feel like I should go put on some acid-washed jeans and do something extremely intense now! (After I delete that song from my history so that I may never come across it again) 🙂

    I see where you’re coming from, though. The madness over Tebow in itself is probably to blame for some, if not most of the animosity. However as long as he keeps winning, it will continue. While we all may be ready to read some different headlines, I think it’s safe to say that most everyone is also interested in seeing what happens next. The number of viewers for the Broncos/Steelers game prove as much.

    I tend to side with you in that if we hadn’t reached it yet, we have now been officially thrusted into the Land of Absurdity with that awful song.

    Thanks for the comment, as well as sharing your post! Great stuff!

  3. The beef with Tim Tebow…where to begin?

    As a person I can’t say that there is a thing wrong with the guy. Upstanding citizen, great roll model for kids, all around good guy, without a doubt. I find that my irritation comes the media and the way they have, since Timmy was in college, made him into some sort of spectacle. Let’s face it he’s never been nor will he ever be the best player on the field statistically speaking. He will, however, strive to be that person making him all the more difficult to dislike. (At least for me.) The fact that I am under a constant barrage of interviews and replays of everything he says at every hour of the day is severely annoying. Aside from being force fed Tim Tebow all the time, he sure is fun to watch in the I-could-be-watching-a-train-wreck-but-would-like-to-see-him-win kind of way.

    My only question is, what exactly is Tim praying for? I have no problem with prayer or anyone doing it where and when they want to. We do live in America after all. Something about praying for your team to win or thanking God for winning anything seems to me to defeat the purpose of prayer. As long as he’s praying for the ability to do his best and thanking God for the opportunity to be able to be on the field doing what he loves, then I say pray away. It certainly hasn’t hurt yet.

  4. NEgirl-

    Well said. Of course one would think that the media frenzy over Tebow would have done me in by now too, but I can’t help to be intrigued by this story line! All eyes are on him these days, that’s for sure.

    I’ve also wondered what he’s actually saying in all of those prayers we see. Not out of judgement, just curiosity. You’re right though… hasn’t hurt yet!

    Judging by your name, I’m assuming you would NOT like to see him tomorrow? 🙂


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