Mama Ain’t Rolling with the Tide

The top safety coming out of high school this year made his verbal commitment live this week after the Under Armour All-America game. His top choices: Alabama and LSU.

Well, a decision he did make… and it was not to the liking of his mother.

Not that my opinion matters here… but WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, KID?! Hasn’t anyone ever told you? IF MAMA AIN’T HAPPY, AIN’T NOBODY HAPPY!

But seriously, she is SERIOUSLY not happy. I kind of feel bad for this poor soul because here’s the thing, there’s no escaping your own mother. The genetic code is one of the few bonds that can never be broken (though many wish it could, I’m sure). Does he realize that he’s not only going to have to deal with an angry WOMAN for the next two years at least, but worse yet, an angry MOTHER?! I could be wrong, but it doesn’t seem to me that she’ll be cheering “Roll Tide, Roll” any time soon.

Landon Collins, you’ve officially put yourself in a lose-lose situation. Congratulations.

The way I see it, Mr. Collins has two options. This was only a VERBAL commitment. Verbal commitments mean about as much as an apology from Jerry Sandusky. Just ask Urban Meyer’s first recruiting class at Ohio State. Therefore, Collins could always change his mind and go the way of the Tiger. Of course, if he were to do so he might as well wear a shirt saying, “She wipes for me too” during the announcement. He would never hear the end of it!

The other option is clearly to stick with his original decision of Alabama, which would entail the wrath of Mama Collins for an undetermined amount of time. Sounds painful.

Either way, the damage has been done. Landon Collins has made his bed, and his mother ain’t tucking him in no more!

I’m interested in seeing how this decision unfolds for this young man. Did he make a mistake? I can hear “I told you so” and “You should have listened to me” coming from New Orleans already. Call me crazy, but I don’t think Landon’s mother is finished trying to persuade her son just yet.

But let’s be honest, ladies. The men in our life may beg to differ, but WE know that behind every smart and successful man, there’s usually a woman directing the calls, mothers included. No? 😉


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