The Kickoff

Behind every fantastic guy is usually an equally (or even more) fantastic woman. On Saturdays and Sundays however, the attention of that great man is typically focused on what’s right in front of him: the television. Football season is in full swing, and ladies, I’m willing to bet more than a few of you are looking forward to its end. You miss your men, right? Your weekends?  Maybe you’re even supportive enough to sit through the good, bad, & ugly of it all with your sweetheart… without really having a clue what you’re watching (that’s love right there!). Or maybe you’re like me, and every bit as excited (and even more so at times) for some gridiron action as your guy is! Whether you fall into these categories, or anywhere in between, this blog is for you. (Men, you are welcome to follow along too.) 🙂

When given reign over the remote, most of the men in your life (your dad, your brother, your S.O., or guy friend) probably turn directly to ESPN. Ahhhh, yes… the manliest of all man channels. This, ladies, is simply their very own soap channel.
It’s got it all: the gossip (Urban Meyer to OSU?!); the drama (Jim Harbaugh/Jim Schwartz fight?!… or rather, “confrontation”); and the divas (see NBA Lockout). The sports world is like The Real Housewives of New Jersey with a splash of testosterone added to billions of dollars, then multiplied by 15,408 (that’s an approximate number of coaches and players in college football and the NFL). Sound interesting yet?

Let me cut to the chase. Girls, you and the sports-crazed men in your life have a lot more in common than you think. It IS possible to share autumn weekends together… and enjoy it! Consider this. Your favorite entertainment shows like EXTRA and Entertainment Tonight draw a distinct parallel to the holy grail of ESPN, SportsCenter. You know exactly what I’m talking about. The “dunnuh-dun…dunnuh-dun” is just as recognizable as The Young and the Restless‘ theme. Entertainment shows give us a daily rundown of what’s going on in Hollywood. Sports fans get the latest news and gossip from SC and other ESPN programs.

But wait, there’s more. Ever watch The View? Have you ever wished you had a mute button for a host or two on the show? Well ladies, the men have their version too… and in the case of Around the Horn… they’ve beat us to the mute button. Pardon the Interruption (PTI) could also be thrown into the same category as The View or The Talk except for the fact that they’ve limited the bickering to just two hosts. Genius, right? How about the Best & Worst-Dressed lists on Fashion Police? Male version: SportsCenter‘s Top Ten and Not-So-Top-Ten Plays.

Lastly, we come to one of my guilty pleasures: The Bachelor/Bachelorette. During the rose ceremony the contestants all stand at attention wearing their very best. Wide-eyed and nervous, they wait intently for their name to be called. It’s hard not to commiserate with these poor people at a time when they are so vulnerable. I’ve seen the same look on the faces of football players waiting for their names to be called during the NFL Draft. Don’t believe me? Check out the look on Brady Quinn’s face as he anticipated his selection (then felt the rejection) in 2007. Originally projected to be a top-five pick, Quinn was chosen 22nd overall by the Cleveland Browns. As you can see in the clip below, most expected the Miami Dolphins to pick up Quinn with the 9th selection… including the director, as he chooses to focus on the quarterback during the announcement.  
Ouch. How can you not feel for the guy?! When it comes to the Draft however, the athletes are vying for a baseball cap and a football jersey instead of a rose. Oh, and a big check.

Bottom line is that we become wrapped up in “our shows” because we get wrapped up in the characters and the story line. We begin to feel like we know these people and end up rooting for or against most of them. We can name housewives, Grey’s Anatomy doctors, guidettes, their relationship statuses and more in a heartbeat. The sports nut in your life can dish names, numbers, stats, and game-day status just as quickly.

Maybe you would like to know more about football or sports to share a common bond with someone. You may be interested in simply knowing more for yourself. MAYBE you just want to see the look on some guy’s face when you chime into the next sports convo with a legit opinion or bit of information HE didn’t even know! The moment you start caring about (or even disliking) a particular team or player will be the moment you cross over. It can happen. It happened to my husband when I made him watch The Bachelorette with me. (Sorry, babe!) 😀

Your first assignment…. pick your team if you don’t have one already. Have no clue where to start? Pick the team with the best colors. It doesn’t matter. Google them and catch up. The season has already started, so just like YOUR shows, your team already has a story line established and history beyond just this year. This season has been extremely unpredictable! The underdogs (ahem, LIONS) are winning. The usual top-contenders (COLTS! cough, cough) are losing…. NEITHER of these are normal!

As far as college football goes, I’ll give you all a head start: Notre Dame is the best. EVER.

(MY assignment is to work on an unbiased standpoint for this forum) 😉

Have fun!!! 😀


10 thoughts on “The Kickoff

  1. I am totally LMAO at you right now! I LOVE THIS! You are amazing! Definitely gonna try this! And will be an avid reader of this blog! You go girl!

    • I think it’s a safe assumption to say that Quinn may have endured the worst draft experience ever. To endure that type of humiliation with a camera in his face the whole time had to be pretty gut wrenching. If I remember correctly, he was taken to a private room to spare him further embarrassment after sitting out there for so long.

  2. I enjoyed this Lex. I look forward to future entries. Just try to keep the Notre Dame stuff to a minimum. 🙂

    Sporting Events have been providing us with Reality TV for decades before the term was coined. The drama on the field is often surpassed by the drama off the field. Everyday provides the possibility of another NCAA violation going public or another player being arrested for the upteenth time. Who will be the first/next coach fired? Who should your favorite team take in the draft? There are endless possiblities.

    What other Reality TV can provide the highs and lows of following your favorite team throughout the season, years and decades? MOST relationships do not last as long as that developed at an early age with a favorite team. I’ve reveled in watching Hondo lead the Celtics to titles in the 70’s and Larry Bird in the 80’s. I’ve bathed in the glory of watching the Big Red Machine win back to back World Series titles in 75-76. The first a most thrilling 7 game series against the Red Sox and the second a wonderful 4 game sweep of the hated Yankess. There was also the surprising sweep of the Oakland A’s in 1990. It has now been 21 years since that championship and I await another. But most of my poor friends who are Indians fans are still waiting for that first World Series Title in their lifetime.

    But for all sports fans, there are the low of lows. I’ve seen the Big Red Machine disassembled in the name of money. I’ve watched the Buckeyes fall short against USC, UCLA, LSU and Florida on the gridiron and to Florida, UCONN and the Michigan Fab Five on the hardcourt. But the Browns have broken my heart with Red Right 88, The Fumble, and of course, THE DRIVE! My friends and I were sitting in the Dawg Pound that fateful day. Only 5 minutes and 98 yards stood between the Browns and a trip to Pasedena for the Super Bowl. A once-in-a-lifetime adventure awaited several 20 somethings who certainly were headed to Pasedena to root their Browns to a Super Bowl victory. Who knew where the money would come from, let alone the tickets, or how we would get there. Somehow, someway, we would have been heading to California. Alas, the ‘thrill of victory’ can change to ‘the agony of defeat’ in a moment. My California dream died that day in Cleveland as John Elway led his Broncos on the infamous drive to victory. The Browns haven’t been that close to the Super Bowl since.

    The best part of sports is, that no matter how bad the season goes, there is always next year. No matter how much we THINK we know about our team and sport, each season provides us with suprising, as well as disappointing performances. We are no different than all of the ‘talking heads’. NONE of us REALLY knows what each season has to offer. We have to wait to see what happens. What can be more real than that?

  3. Ebby, I couldn’t agree more.

    I love this line, “MOST relationships do not last as long as that developed at an early age with a favorite team.” …. it’s so true! Not only is it like a relationship, a person’s favorite team even becomes an identity for that individual in a sense. “She’s a Bengals fan, he’s a Michigan fan, and her…. she’s that crazy Notre Dame fan!”Going through the highs and the lows with a team or player can take a toll sometimes (or most of the time depending on who your team is ;)), but how good does it feel when your squad succeeds?!

    In reality, you’re right. We’re all “talking heads”! The sports talk, drama, rivalries, and of course tailgating just keep us all busy between game days. 😉

    Thanks for the comment! Always a pleasure! 🙂

  4. Alexis this is fantastic. When it comes to football, I sure could use some insight. Leave to you to help out the sports deficient female population. I love your comparisons…well written. Never thought about it from that angle but you are right. Looking forward to your next entry as well as my transformation to a well informed sports enthusiast!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Buckeye. And Football Gal, prucdoing is anything and everything that brings a show or piece together, which is why it can be loosely defined and interpreted. When I say I produced something, it usually means I turned random footage in to something like what you see here. We had some camera men and some other producers go to the stock exchange and film the guys doing there thing, ask them questions, etc. Afterwards I was handed the footage and asked to create the piece you see now – picking the music, editing the shots, telling the story and presenting it visually for everyone to enjoy…hope that helps 🙂

  5. Alexis-

    You are truly talented!! I found myself tryin to pick a team to follow!! And you are so right about the similarities between espn & our chick shows! Very cool perspective!

    Keep writing because I want to keep reading your blogs!!


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